XL-S Medical Liposinol Slimming Supplement 180 Tablets

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XL • S MEDICAL LIPOSINOL 1 month of treatment CE class IIb medical device.
Medical device based on Litramine, a patented complex of plant fibers (opuntia cactus) clinically tested. Useful for decreasing the caloric intake given by ingested fats.
XL-S Medical Liposinol does not contain artificial colors, flavors, salt and preservatives. Litramine does not contain any ingredients of animal origin.

Litramine (patented complex of plant-based fibers). Excipients: microcrystalline cellulose, dehydrated calcium hydrogen phosphate, silica, povidone and magnesium stearate (PH.Eur.).

How to use
To lose weight: take 2-3 tablets per day.
To maintain weight: take 1-2 tablets per day.
Obesity: 4 tablets to always be taken after main meals.
Do not take more than 9 tablets per day.

Not recommended for children under the age of 12.
Do not take XL-S Medical Liposinol if you are pregnant or breastfeeding or if your BMI (body mass index) is below 18.5.
Although XL-S Medicai Liposinol does not appear to affect the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins A and E, it is not recommended to take XL-S Medicai Liposinol within 2 hours of ingesting vitamin supplements and fat-soluble medications (e.g. oral birth control pill). It is also recommended that you take a multivitamin supplement every day.
XL-S Medical Liposinol contains trace amounts of oxalic acid found in many other green vegetables. If you have kidney disease or kidney stones, avoid taking this product regularly. If you are unsure or have any adverse reactions, consult your doctor before taking this product.
XL-S Medical Liposinol helps to control hunger pangs by balancing blood sugar levels. For people with diabetes, a consultation with a doctor is recommended before taking this product.
If you are using cholesterol-lowering drugs, consult your doctor before taking this product.
Warning: In compliance with the Medical Device Directive MDD 93/42 / EEC, after periods of use exceeding 30 days, it is recommended to stop taking this second class Medical Device for 3-5 days.

Pack of 180 tablets.

Cod. 13147

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