More than a pharmacy, it must be considered a "House of Health": in Trieste, the Rubino Alla Croce Verde Pharmacy by Rubino doctors is a model of perfect combination between a drug sales point and a service center. Whoever enters this welcoming historic pharmacy for the first time, opened in 1924 (in via Settefontane 39) and now in its third generation and second point of sale (Farmacia di Gretta in Largo Osoppo 1 taken over in 2002), understands it immediately. Alongside a complete offer of medicines, including homeopaths and veterinarians, capable of quickly satisfying any medical prescription with 7 daily supplies , the customer also finds a place to welcome and listen, an important point of reference for information and advice. .

"Our starting point - underlines Dr. Rubino - is to pay the utmost attention to the customer's need, the point of arrival is their complete satisfaction".

The pharmacy offers a wide range of supplements and herbal products for the control of overweight, cellulite blemishes, for disorders caused by menopause, for the health of skin and hair and for the achievement and maintenance of an optimal state of general health. .

"We also have a wide range of state-of-the-art equipment in the aesthetic sector, cosmetic and cosmeceutical products of the best brands - underlines Dr. Rubino - we deal with a cosmetic line of galenic preparation marketed as a private label, ie with our brand".

In both stores there is a line of underwear, functional for thermal balance, made with hypoallergenic fabrics capable of offering maximum comfort to both sportsmen and people with special needs. Pharmacies also adhere to numerous health education programs and prevention campaigns for the main pathologies with a strong social impact that are carried out at national and regional level. Equally wide is the range of electro-medical devices, also supplied for hire, from aerosol to baby scales, from crutches to electrostimulators and even oxygen cylinders with home delivery. Also at the Rubino Pharmacies you can contact for the sterile application of the first earrings, but also for the new self-analysis services, pressure measurement and the main blood parameters, hair skin tests and food intolerances and finally also for the booking and payment of outpatient specialist assistance services at accredited public and private health facilities. The services also include home delivery of drugs and the nursing service will soon be operational. Both pharmacies speak Italian, English, Slovenian, Croatian, Hungarian, Greek and Arabic. Among the conventions: social card, friendly company and lyoness.

(Taken from the Health & Wellness magazine - Il Sole 24 Ore insert)