Dermoflan Soothing Cream for Dermatitis and Erythema 40 ml

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Dermoflan CREAM

indicated as an emollient and soothing cosmetic adjuvant in the main skin dysreactivity characterized by inflammation and in particular for:
- Irritative Facts: diaper rash, sudamine, localized itching, etc .;
- Allergic dermatitis;
- Contact dermatitis;
- Atopic dermatitis;
- Erythema;
- Skin stress: hair removal, peeling, sunburn, etc.

How to use:
apply the cream on the affected area and massage to promote absorption. Repeat the application once or twice a day as needed, until the problem is resolved.

the increased permeability, determined by an altered skin barrier present in many dermatitis, can favor a fast transport to the dermal level of the active ingredients, sometimes giving a sensation of "tingling" which disappears, in any case, after a few minutes. This effect is not a contraindication to the use of the product. The product is not suitable for treating injured, macerated skin, in the presence of ulcerations, or where there are signs of bacterial and / or fungal superinfections.

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